As part of The Chrysalis Effect team we challenge mainstream thinking about M.E and its symptoms. The Chyrsalis Effect  is in no way a replacement for medical treatment but derived from the real shared personal experience and professional work undertaken by those contributing to it .

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Coaching looks at where you are now, where you want to be ( in any area of your life ) and how to bridge that gap.

It gives you the tools to have clarity around what you want from life, so you are empowered to achieve those goals with passion, because all the obstacles that may have blocked you in the past have been cleared.

By its very nature it is entirely tailored for your needs – your issues, your goals.

Fully supported by me, encouraging you to explore all that is “you” !

Could this be the day that everything changes ? The day when passion, purpose and motivation return ?

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching is delivered within Packages of Care. Research and experience have supported the requirement for coaching to be undertaken with a commitment to a minimum of 6 sessions. These sessions are best experienced on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

1 x 6 coaching sessions =  £360*


Sessions can take place face to face at my treatment room just outside Lewes, East Sussex, over the phone, or, most popular,over Skype. This allows coaching to be available to all regardless of location.

What can be the benefits of coaching ?

How does Well Being coaching differ from other forms of life coaching ?

1. As a Well Being coach I work with the 8 Element Wheel. This gives both the coach and the coachee a starting point. By scoring each of the 8 elements within the wheel we get an immediate snapshot of present life. It allows us to see the areas that may be holding back your sense of well being and fulfilment, the areas that would take priority in addressing. Each of these elements can be broken down further. To be more specific, so that a greater level of clarity can be achieved .

2. I work as part of a team so I always have available other therapists to whom I can refer who specialise in areas other than my own. Be it a Personal Trainer, Nutritionalist or a De-clutter Fairy !!

3. Unlike other forms of coaching I offer recommendations at the end of each session. For those options that possible haven’t come to mind to the coachee during the session.

So be it health, finance, bereavement, relationships ( with others or self ), weight, career, coaching could be your answer.

Is your life filled with fulfilment ?

How would you feel if your life stayed exactly as it is now ?

* Please note this price relates to coaching only; those requiring specialist treatment for chronic exhaustive conditions will be charged as part of their treatment package.