As part of The Chrysalis Effect team we challenge mainstream thinking about M.E and its symptoms. The Chyrsalis Effect  is in no way a replacement for medical treatment but derived from the real shared personal experience and professional work undertaken by those contributing to it .

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Supported Recovery from M.E. , C.F.S & Fibromyalgia

“ So the blood tests keep coming back as ‘Normal’ ?”

“ Then why do I feel like this ? “

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This is all too common, we hear it all the time, so I  wonder, would some of these symptoms resonate with you ?…

Brain Fog, Dizziness, Mood Swings, Thyroid Issues, Asthma, Respiratory Infections, Irregular Heartbeat, Nauseau, Poor Appetite, Colitis, I.B.S., Diverticulitis, Chrohns, Urinary Infections, P.M.S., Environmental Sensitivities, Mobility Issues, Juddering, Loss of Sensation, Numbness, Tingling. Muscular Tensions/Cramps, Light/Sound Sensitivities, Lower Back Pain, Immune System Issues, Clammy/Cold hands, Exhaustion, Co-ordination Difficulties, Depression, Change in Skin Tone, Eyes Struggling with Focus, Skin Issues, Speech/Recall Difficulties, Insomnia, Day/Night Reversal, Anxiety, Swallowing Concerns, Restless Legs, Joint Pain ?

For many in search of answers, countless time and an enormous amount of money is spent “Practitioner hopping”, each time hoping to find answers to the condition and the way out of it.

As an accredited Chrysalis Effect Practitioner I can offer you a fully supported Wellbeing Coaching Recovery Plan tailored to your individual needs to run alongside the Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme.

Shining a torch on the many symptoms, physical or emotional, and the obstacles that this condition can involve, and help you along the path to full health, a happy and vibrant existence.


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The online Recovery Programme is a 9 month programme that addresses the 8 elements that have shown to be essential in recovery. It shares with you the tried, tested and proven methods, systems and techniques required to take back the control of your health and recovery.

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As a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner I head up a team of therapists who are very well established and experts in their own modalities, be it Nutrition, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, E.F.T., Reiki, N.L.P., or Reflexology to name a few. My training allows me to know if and when it were appropriate to be referred to one of these team members to assist in your recovery.